notes on desirism

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

Stuff I scribbled down after listening to the first Season of a now-defunct series on applied ethics, all an attempt to make sense of it all:

  • morality:
    • a subset of a theory of values
    • it deals with:
      • obligation
      • prohibition
      • permission
  • value: concerned with reasons for action
  • desires:
    • the only reasons for action that exist
    • all value is ultimately based on desires
  • all intentional actions are grounded on believes and desires
  • believes are motivationally inert
  • what good people do:
    • promote desires that tend to fulfill other desires
    • inhibit desires that tend to thwart other desires
  • what tools to use:
    • use praise to promote good desires
    • use condemnation to inhibit bad desires
  • there are two forms of desires:
    • desires-as-means
    • desires-as-ends (the type that actually matters)
  • shortcuts:
    • the only desires relevant to the discussion are malleable desires
    • the only actions relevant to the discussion are intentional actions

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