Scribes; building GNOME 2.16 with Debian

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

In order to minimize bandwidth usage, I have recently restricted myself to building a local repository consisting only of source packages as opposed to the previous times when I only did binary package downloads. This was helped by my recently-acquired skill of building Debian packages from source, most often just 3 simple commands:

  1. apt-get build-dep nautilus (retrieves nautilus' build dependencies)
  2. sudo apt-get source --build nautilus (downloads nautilus' source into current directory and builds a Debian binary package out of it)
  3. sudo dpkg --install *deb (installs the .deb files stated on the command line onto the system)

I've been practicing the above procedure on several packages, including monsters like Linux, GLibC and, and it worked pretty well.

I did the same for GNOME 2.16/2.18 packages (Debian GNOME maintainers haven't completed the job of migrating to 2.18 yet) available in Debian's Experimental repository. This effort was initially targetted at building 2.16 version of python-gnome and 2.10 version of python-gtk2 in order to try to build Scribes, after a previous failure. But then, since I had much GNOME infrastructure (libgtk2, libbonono, libgnomevfs2, ...) already built, I proceeded on building some of my favorites as well (nautilus, gnome-terminal, gedit, etc.), and, even though I only had ~3 hours of sleep, I woke up a happy being.

I almost forgot to mention that Scribes managed to run properly, though I didn't have enough time to check it out properly. It sure looks good and am looking forward to it.

[a day later]

Although I managed to get Scribes to hang at least once, here's the more positive facts:

  • I really do love the auto-save feature
  • the interface is real clean, providing a fresh departure from the stately (and beloved) gedit
  • it's got word-suggestion by default
  • there's some other nifty nice features like various editing capabilities which are far more powerful than gedit provides

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