wajig 2.1 released

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

Today I released a new version of wajig, first time in about half a year. It's not even like there's some groundbreaking stuff or anything, I just haven't put as much time. Regardless, it's quite a good release.

One the changes is getting rid of gjig, the GUI interface.

  • I actually did like it, but it was never a production standard piece of code. It was actually quite nifty and useful, but the interface was not at all modern or usual. It also needed a lot of polish.
  • I learned a lot from trying to port it away from the deprecated libglade library to a more modern gtkbuilder (part of GTK+) but the porting documentation wasn't really good, so I was left with the option doing it from scratch. Not exactly a small task.
  • Worse still is the fact that there were more pro-looking GUI package managers out there.
  • It didn't keep up with the pace of development wajig. It was a 2nd-class citizen.
  • Oh, and I'm so afraid of GUI developement, or should I say GTK+. It was never an easy domain for me, and I still don't really get it. And yes, I've tried. Maybe other toolkits are easier, and I'm too lazy to check them out. I prefer backend stuff, where I don't have to deal with these GUI things.
  • I wanted to move wajig forward into Python 3 land, and given that GTK+ support for that Python version isn't exactly mature (at time of writing), I felt that I was being held back. And don't ask me why rush for Python 3, because you are not going to get anything stronger than "it's what the kool kids use".

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